3 Reasons Why The Most Qualified Candidate Doesn’t Get The Job

Caroline Ceniza-Levine Caroline Ceniza-Levine,  Forbes Contributor
Have you seen this article in Forbes?  Caroline does a great job of explaining why the best candidate might not get the job.
Jobs and budgets do disappear in the middle of a search or someone who is perfect for the original job description is not the right match after the hiring manager changes the job after reviewing a number of resumes.
Interviews can take us right back to the principal’s office and really does a number on introverts – even those who are perfect for the job may not have great interview skills. Practice, practice, practice!!  Start with those people who love you and then ask someone who is more critical and practice those interview questions and answers!
Always ask for the job at the end of the interview unless you really, really don’t want it.  Show enthusiasm and don’t forget your handwritten thank you note!
What do you think of this article?

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